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Welcome to International Journal of Emerging Technology
in VLSI and System on Chip (IJETVSOC): ISSN: 4116 – 8986

IJETVSOC (INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EMERGING TECHNOLOGY IN VLSI AND SYSTEM ON CHIP) is a leading International Journal for Researchers to publish their research articles through online open accession.

IJETVSOC helps to promote the Research articles of VLSI area, is the premier forum for sharing the latest advancements in SOC process of front end and back end technology, circuit design, architecture, systems, design tools, and applications and verifications. The main aim of IJETVSOC is to publish the quality and innovative research articles after the peer reviewed.

IJETVSOC also organize the national/international conferences, workshops, seminars, research and development activities, and technically supported programs and so on. We conducted many programs, which are benefits to the Scientists, Engineers, Students and Research Scholars involved in Engineering.

IJETVSOC is an open online access for the articles submission and evaluation the publish articles by peer reviewed process. We maintaining the international standards of qualities, timeliness, relevant to the titles and read ability for the journals published by our journal and we integrated the article researchers around the world.

IJETVSOC invites the authors wherever in the world, to publish their articles in various fields with international qualities. The submitting articles should have the following criteria according to the international journal, the articles should not be the previously published research results and manuscripts used in the articles should follow the style of the journal and subject the published articles for both editing and review.